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Purina Save a Fortune Instant Win Game *Ends 10/15/17*

Purina Save a Fortune Instant Win Game   Grand Prize (1): A Zoltar cat condo and a $750 check. First Prize (5): A $500 PetSmart  gift card. Second Prize (27): A $25 PetSmart gift card. Third Prize (15): A $50 PetSmart gift card. Fourth Prize (15): A $25 PetSmart gift card. Fifth Prize (25): A …

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Haarology Pet Brush De-shedding Tool

Are you like me and struggle to comb or brush through what seems like endless layers of hair or fur on your cat or dog?  The combs and brushes that I have bought in the store seem to be flimsy and don’t get to each layer I get so frustrated, then recently I was given …

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Pet Shops

When shopping for your pet which do you prefer a  well-known chain such as Petco or PetSmart where you can shop in an actual physical store and touch and feel each product that you like or intend to buy? Or would you rather shop online and buy from places such as I think it is a matter …

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Help Animals in Texas -The Animal Defense League Of Texas

Check out these Articles Thank you to Cool Mom Picks .com for your great article  on helping  #HarveyFloodVictims Both people and #Animals need our help in any way we can   Also, check out these other blogs Texas Monthly Retweet These Messages .@TexasMonthly has some helpful ways to support the relief efforts. Please support any way you …

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I Love Tasty Mail

                Ariel gets all excited when she hears the mail truck, it usually means that tasty treats are waiting in a box or pouch for her. She just loves being a treat taste tester. Want to make a little girl happy, send her some tasty treats, she will …

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#dogs #PetFriendly #Review #TheDogOutDoors #TibetanSpaniel #Travel #VacationsWithDogs Total Pet Spa Bath-less Cleaning

How to Clean your Dog without water ~ A Total Pet Bathless Cleaning Spa & Haarology Review

Giving a small dog a bath might not seem like much of a challenge, but it really can be, stooping or squatting over the tub can put a strain on the back and legs causing discomfort and does not make for an enjoyable experience, I think Ariel can sense that and then gives me a …

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My Dog The Champion Review

Heart warming feel good movie, one of the touching aspects of this film is when a gruff Grandfather and irresponsible teen-aged Granddaughter are able to compromise over come obstacles and grow to love one an other Synopsis Dora Madison Burge of Friday Night Lights stars as Madison, a spoiled big city 16-year-old with a full …

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Barkoween Bootique at Petco

Halloween is a highly anticipated holiday in this house, We search several of our favorite stores for the kooky and the spooky, But we don’t  want to leave our fur kids out of the fun either so while we are out and about we make a special trip to  Petco just to see the latest spooktacular toys …

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