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Ariel Reviews: Soothing Escape Gel Memory Foam Pet Bed, Plus sleeping tips

We all want our furkids to get a peaceful rest and a good nights sleep, but if they are tossing and turning on the bed

then are they really resting?  I want Ariel to be the most comfortable she can be, She deserves to be pampered and

comfortable, So  choosing a bed for her was very important, She is only 10 pounds so  most think she  might

not need such a large bed, My own belief is  she likes to sprawl and stretch just as I like to do, I’m at my most

comfortable if I can just stretch out. While  browsing for  comfortable beds for her I came across

Petlinks Soothing Escape Gel Memory Foam Pet Bed

and after reading all about it, I just knew that it would be the one for Ariel,  So the wonderful people at PetLinks  sent us one for a review

Oh my dog is it comfortable, the top is made with  soft comfortable material that is covering  gel memory foam

fill that is composed of leftover remnants  from other foam manufacturing  making it eco-friendly and the fiberfill is

made up of 37 recycled plastic bottles, that is equivalent to 16.9 oz bottles

I wish my bed was this comfortable, I put my hand down on it and it was dreamy, so  now Ariel can cuddle, sprawl all she wants  and

I know that she is in rejuvenating mode while in dreamland, this therapeutic bed will also be great for when she is older and help her joints not ache as much. Her senior years will be in doggie comfort style

I am pleased that I can easily remove the cover and toss it in the cold water wash and not have to worry about it losing its shape.

Since receiving this bed I have heard little snores coming from her and it is the cutest sound you could ever imagine  so

I truly know she is resting, after all,  chasing squirrels,  lizards and playing wears a little girl out.

The Petlinks Soothing Escape Gel Memory Foam Pet Bed would make a great #holiday gift for your furkid to have a Silent Night.

Petlinks are part of the  WorldWise Company  

Their  Philosophy is:  Brands create smart new ways to satisfy your pet’s most important needs. Our innovative product design marries environmental sustainability and fresh style in surprisingly affordable ways.

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Sleeping Tips for your furry kid

1} Exercise throughout the day, stimulate their brains, burn off some of that energy they have built up during the day

2} Calming them before bed, playtime during the day  but not close to bedtime if you get them into a routine they will start to settle down before bed

3} Bathroom break,  Take them outside to do their business they will sleep better on an empty bladder

4} Make their bed comfortable or give them a comfortable place to sleep, especially if they are still in crate training you don’t want them to be uncomfortable do you?

5} Give them something that quietly entertains them like a treat and nothing that is squeaky ( this is good for those that are still in crate training levels)

6} Keep them close to you,  your furkid may feel more at ease if they can sense that you are close by , also this may make them feel more secure and safe


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