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Barkday Ideas

Ariel will be turning five(5) this coming June, we are guesstimating that is when her #Birthdayis since we were told when we got her she was about 6 months old   as far as the day we are not sure about, so we #celebrate her Birthday on June 13th, This year we have decided to make a big deal out of it because it’s a milestone for us and her, When she first came to us, we were not sure that she would accept us but after a few months and lots of love and attention, she warmed up and has been the most loving little girl, we are ever so  grateful that she accepted us as her guardians, so we have a few ideas this year that can bring more joy to this #milestone #Celebration, It will be just family and we are going to make it memorable for her

Party Attire

Every girl needs a party dress right? well  PetCo has this barktastic You & Me Dog Birthday dress and we just think it is adorable and would look super cute on Ariel

Our next choice is this Cupcake Dog dress from  PetSmart is just as adorable,

This is going to be a “Ruff” decision and to which one to choose,

Now we need to choose  Gifts, she gets treats throughout the year, and a few toys but since it is her birthday she could use some more toys or even accessories, maybe a matching collar and leash to match her dress

Collars and Accessories


Rogue Collars/Etsy  they have some super cute #Birthday Collars there are several to choose from and a decent price so we will be checking them out more, We will have to order early to make sure it comes in time We are loving what we see so far and the name is divine #RogueCollars

The Ritzy Rover

Just the name sounds fancy and affluent, Ariel will surely be spoiled with a #RitzyRover Birthday collar from #UpCountry brand, she would be the talk of the town with stylish yet functional one


Doggie Couture

We have ordered from them before and were extremely pleased and happy, and looking at their website, they have several items that would help complete and ultimate birthday experience, Dresses, Collars, Bandanas. Oh my dog we would have tons of fun digging around for Ariel to help her feel like the Princess she is


The Gift that keeps on Giving ~Subscription Boxes

Prized Pet

1 box – $18.99
Monthly – $16.99/month

Reward your dog with the healthiest and best-tasting treats on a monthly basis. Prized Pet’s monthly treat box always includes at least:

  • 1 – 8 oz treat
  • 1 – 5 oz treat
  • 1 meat chew or treat
  • 1 surprise treat

All of the treats included in Prized Pet’s monthly treat box are all natural. We select only the best for you and your pet.


Pet Treater

Monthly Dog Box- Includes 7-9 Items including treats, toys, and accessories! $24.99

Each box varies depending on the size of your dog, all treats come from USA or Canada

They have cat Pet Treater boxes as well



starting at $21/month.

Monthly dog joy is just a click away.

Valued at over $40!


Rescue Box

They cater to both dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes.  just select the box that works best for your furry family member. and the more you commit, they donate 5 pounds of food and 2 vaccinations to shelter pets in need.


Pooch Perks

Gift Boxes range from $27.95 to $31.95 per month depending on the size of the dog.

Choose our standard Popular dog box option which brings 5-6 premium toys and USA made treats or customize your box to fit your dog’s special needs.  We have a variety of options including grain free and durable toy preferences.  We offer 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription packages with multiple billing options including monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly. All dog treats are Sourced and Made in the USA and our premium dog toys are held to the same rigorous standards as children’s toys to ensure safety and quality.


Bully Make

This one is great for power chewers,

1 month is $39 but if you choose a 12-month plan you save money and it is $31 per month


We hope that you have found this list exciting and helpful, The Sassy Spaniel has not been compensated for any items above, all opinions are our own and may vary from yours


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