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Barkoween Bootique at Petco

Halloween is a highly anticipated holiday in this house, We search several of our favorite stores for the kooky and the spooky, But we don’t  want to leave our fur kids out of the fun either so while we are out and about we make a special trip to  Petco just to see the latest spooktacular toys and accessories for our furkid and each year they get one new toy to celebrate the season. Ariel loves when we come home with copious amounts of bags she is so excited and her tail is wagging at 50 WPS ( Wags Per Second)  she sniffs and paws at each individual sack just knowing that there must be something for her in one of those, We always bring  the Petco purchase in last and lay it down with the others just for the excitement, And when Ariel zooms in on it and discovers her new toys, she will paw at it until it comes out, then without a second thought, takes it out and off to her space to play with it . This year seems exciting as I was browsing the site to see what it available and this gives me an idea on what to get Ariel. It is so much fun to shop for her , I get excited just thinking about it and we still have 71 days to go. Just look at what we get to choose from  so many choices


Under $10

Bootique Squishy Squash Plush Dog Toy $5.99
Bootique Assorted Candy Apple Plush Dog Toy $9.99
Bootique Smiling Skeleton Rope Dog Toy $9.99













$10 -$25

This costume is wicked adorable, Ariel has one that says Mommy’s Lil Pumpkin but I would love to update it and have this one for her, She has several shirts but she only prefers the Halloween ones. I love Taco’s as well, Oh boy this is going to a hard decision ..



Bootique Wicked Cute Dog Dress $14-$19
Bootique Happy Spider Plush Dog Toy $14.99


Bootique Taco Pet Costume $19.99 to $24.99



Now if you choose just to walk your fur-kid while your

kids are collecting treats and tricks from the neighborhood

remember to be safe, and use something reflective

Good2Go Light Up Reflective LED Harness for Dogs in Pink $27.99 to $29.99 Comes in Green, Blue, and Pink

such as  this


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as of  August 2017

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