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Blue Buffalo Blue Stix {Review} #ChewyInfluencer

Can you say delish? Well Ariel can’t but I’m sure if she could talk she would, She must of thought she was in a gourmet doggie shop, not only do these Blue Buffalo Blue Stix Lamb Recipe Pepperoni-Style Dog Treats smell great  but have a great taste to them, well according to Ariel, because she was wagging her tail as she was eating them. I had to hide them out of sight because every time she saw the bag, she would sit there and give me the look, you all know that look, well if you have a dog you do. anyways, she is persistent and would sit there until you gave in, or said No, but how can you say NO to her sweet face, so once again we have found another treat that Ariel likes,  but don’t tell her they are good for her BOL,we would not want to ruin her image of them, right???  just kidding









I encourage you to go to  Blue Buffalo Blue Stix Lamb Pepperoni treats at Chewy.com and get your doggo a bag for themselves, Ariel can’t be the only happy puppy right?

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