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Blue Buffalo Lamb Pepperoni Stixs ~ Review

When we get treats from Chewy.com Ariel is happy and excited  to have a chance to experience ones she has never had before, When I chose the Blue Buffalo Lamb Pepperoni Stix  I thought  for sure they would be welcomed and enjoyed, I was wrong, I gave her  a bite-sized piece and she spit it back out, I was  shocked, she  will eat just about every treat offered to her, I’m not saying that they were bad, they smelled quite appetizing, but to her they were anything but. We did share them with her friends and they politely obliged and ate them with enthusiasm, next time we will try another flavor perhaps the beef or chicken variety.

With lamb being the first ingredient that is a bonus because no dog that I know of wants to eat fake and unrealistic flavored treats and they certainly don’t want artificial colors.

Key Benefits

  • Meaty and healthful treats are perfect for training sessions and make for a tasty reward for adult dogs of any size.
  • Made with 100% real, protein-rich lamb and contain absolutely no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
  • Wholesome dog treats are free from soy, corn, and wheat, making them a great choice for pups with food allergies.
  • Moist dog treat sticks contain zero chicken or poultry by-product meals and are packed with real fruit and veggies.
  • Great source of essential vitamins and minerals from natural ingredients like oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes.

Want to have your furkid experience these meaty morsels then please check them out on Chewy.com


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