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BulliBone & Pet Dental Month

Did you know that February is #NationalPetDentalMonth? and on average vet visit for teeth is around $500- $900. figure in teeth cleaning, X-rays, sealant and other preventive measures to ensure, that your furkid has a healthy mouth.

Nothing can compare to routine vet visits nor replace them, but you can start by giving your dog plaque removing treats such as BulliBone/Brusher this comes in 3  pack and depending on how much of a power chewer your dog is, they could last for a while, Ariel has had her for nearly two months now and has barely worn down, I did see an improvement in her teeth and her breath, these brushers have  Real Peppermint and Baking Soda that help aid in fresh breath and tartar build-up and since she a bit adamant about letting people near her mouth, with these she can “brush” her own teeth. I like because they are small and sturdy and best of all Ariel loves them too, she will sit or lay on the couch and gnaw away all while self-cleaning her teeth

The four-sided ridges are a plus, this way it can be worn down almost evenly and get top and bottom teeth at nearly the same time

We would love to thank the great people at BulliBone for their great products and giving us this opportunity to review their product

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