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How to Clean your Dog without water ~ A Total Pet Bathless Cleaning Spa & Haarology Review

Giving a small dog a bath might not seem like much of a challenge, but it really can be, stooping or squatting over the tub can put a strain on the back and legs causing discomfort and does not make for an enjoyable experience, I think Ariel can sense that and then gives me a …

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#dogs #PetFriendly #Review #TheDogOutDoors

My Dog The Champion Review

Heart warming feel good movie, one of the touching aspects of this film is when a gruff Grandfather and irresponsible teen-aged Granddaughter are able to compromise over come obstacles and grow to love one an other Synopsis Dora Madison Burge of Friday Night Lights stars as Madison, a spoiled big city 16-year-old with a full …

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Sassy Accessories

A sassy girl deserves sassy and classy accessories right?I am in the process of upgrading  Ariel’s collar from a  Boots & Barkley to a more sassier sophisticated one but have you seen the assortment that is out there? Oh, my dog! There are so many cute styles and colors it is hard to choose which one. Here …

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Pool Day

I love finding treasure and what not along the road, The other day I found this little wading pool that was being tossed with the weekly garbage, My first thought would be a cute little garden in the back of the yard, but upon closer inspection I noticed that it had bone shaped designs on …

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