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Cooped up? Things you can do with your dog

We are all facing times right now that have us either cooped up or staying at home for longer periods of time, here are some suggestions to keep yourself occupied and spend some extra quality time with your dog

  1. If you have a fenced-in yard and are able too, run or walk the perimeter maybe throw a ball ahead of you or their favorite outdoor toy.

  2. Make homemade Peanut Butter /Banana Treats

  3. Create your own agility course ( this would be good for the both of you)

  4. Make some homemade bubbles and chase them * your dog may look at you like you are nuts or join in, either way, it will make for some laughs

  5. Go on ##Snapchat (which can be downloaded if you don’t previously have it), look for cat/dog compatible filters  take some photos and post them to your social media

  6. Teach your dog a new trick such as rollover or walking weave ( like figure 8)

  7. Potty training ( got a new puppy? this would be a great time to potty train them)

  8. Got Kong Toys ? Stuff them with treats and have some fun

  9. Indoor or outdoor treat hunt, with Easter coming up, buy some plastic eggs and fill them with treats and hide them around your house and see how many your dog can find.

  10. Make some new toys, Got old t-shirts laying around? cut into strips and tie 4 or more ends together braid, tie at the end and then have a game of tug o war

Do you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to add, please leave a comment


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