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Dr Elsey’s Clean Protein Cat Food * Chewy.com Review*



Dr. Elsey’s clean protein cat food ingredients are among the highest biological value proteins available, many cat food brands on the market today use plant-based proteins such as grains, vegetable, and fruits, this leads to rapid metabolization that can increase your cat’s hunger, Dr. Elsey’s is different because it is inspired by the proteins levels found in natural prey, and is formulated to meet the nutritional  levels established  by  AAFCO inc

Since  Merlin has been eating this I notice a change in his coat and stools, his coat is shiny and less dander and seems softer and since he has long hair, he is susceptible to massive hairballs, since the switch I have seen fewer hairballs and his stool seems firmer and less stinky. If you own a cat you know what I’m getting about the amount of stink they produce in the litter box.

Dr. Elsey’s  clean protein kibble contains chicken as  the first ingredient, grain free, no fillers or artificial  preservatives  and Omega -3 Fatty acids ( essential amino and fatty acids that a cat must have in their diet. They are all extremely beneficial to them and keep cats in great health)

This must be some magic kibble because Merlin has been more active and spunky since he has been eating this, and for his age that is a good thing, He is a 10-year-old Maine Coon and has seemed to slow down a bit in his years, but this food gave him some spark

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