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For Dirty Dogs * Review*



With Ariel being small and close to the ground, she attracts dirt and debris, thus makes her have a non – pleasant odor about her, it’s like an earthy I rolled in dead grass and bird poop smell, I do wipe her down with disposable cleaning cloths, but eventually she will need a bath,  no matter what “Doggy” brand of shampoo I have used, I don’t feel she is getting clean, I was told about a type of shampoo that has the word “dirty” and dogs in it so aptly called For Dirty Dogs

this comes in a gently scented  Lavender and Vanilla conditioning %100 natural cleansing form, I could not wait to give her a bath in this luxurious scent,  I don’t know if she was extra dirty but I could see the water in the tub turn a greyish color,  I’m like well that’s attractive this is hypo-allergenic which is good because I don’t want a bunch of residue left on her skin, so I rinsed her off, towel dried her and she smells like a posh puppers. and her “coat” aka hair felt so soft.

I was pleased with this and I even think she knew she smelled good because she strutted through the house like a supermodel on the runway

Read all >>>> About Them<<< and see for yourself why this is such a great product

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