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Gobble These Goodies ~ November Edition #PetTreater

This is our 2nd #Thanksgiving box from Pet Treater Dog Subscription and we could not have been more pleased, this months box contained wonderful goodies that were sure to make any pup happy

Turkey Taster Bandana


Yum! Emmys Gourmet Canine Creations  cookies are made with love, all natural and in the USA. 

At first, Ariel turned her nose up at these Fou Fou Brand Vegalicious Treats

but after her seeing that I was going to try one of these pasta shaped treats, she put her paw on me and I set one down and within minutes she ate it, so for the remainder of what treats were left in the bag, she happily ate with glee. So she ate her vegetables and liked it.

these sweet potato flavored treats sure hit the spot and coincided with our meal, they smelled and probably tasted like actual sweet potatoes, Ariel did eat a few of them but turned her nose up to the rest. Had to break them up for her to enjoy and shared the rest of the bag with her doggie friends, she loves to share her goodies with others.


These little critters kept Ariel occupied while #Thanksgiving Dinner was cooking, but every so often she would stop and sniff around the oven, but after all the food was done and the family ate, we played tug of war with her with the squeaky long tailed toy, and the squirrel  from Spot & Socks, both of these stood the Ariel test and are still intact.


Skouts Honor We have reviewed and tested out these products previously, We were overly delighted to see another great product from this company, and this Probiotic Deodorizer was just what we needed, When Ariel comes in from outside after a stroll through the yard after it rains, she has a funky smell and we usually grab for the wet wipes, but they don’t have much of an after scent to them and what girl does not want to smell fabulous right? so we spritzed her with this Lavender scent, and soon after, she went to each family member having them smell her. She loves to smell pretty and not afraid to admit it.

We love getting these boxes and look forward to them each month, We share our opinions and they may or may not differ from yours. * this post contains affiliate links* Please check out this pawsome box for your pup or kitty ( Treat your Cat) use code CATPACK10 and get 10% off your first order


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