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Green Coast Pet~ Hemp Soft Chews~Kitty Edition

White Fish Flavor Cat Treats are just what you need if your cat seems a bit out of sorts and just plain ornery, Merlin is in his curmudgeon stage of life and is set in his ways, He is your elderly neighbor that tells others to “get off my lawn”. He does not like others in his space and will let you know that he does not want to be touched or looked at. All though at soon as the package of these were open, he perked up and meowed a high pitched tune and jumped up and bobbed his head, and gently pawed my hand to receive this scrumptious treat, I have not seen him move that quickly over a treat. these contain 100mg of their proprietary hemp blend including 1.5 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per chew to ensure your cat can take advantage of the benefits of hemp.More information can be found at this link

I love that they are fish shaped and easy to chew and actually had Merlin wanting more, he is my 10-year-old fat baby and he deserves joy in his life, and these certainly gave him joy. We give these 5 paws




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