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Halloween Safety tips for Pets






1. Do not feed your pet any chocolate or xylitol, both are very toxic and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and seizures

2. Make sure your pet is properly ID’d and your information is up to date on either their ID tag and Microchip

3.If you must, put them in a secure room, this way they won’t run out the door

4.Keep Candles and Lit Pumpkins out of reach, a fire may occur

5. If you do put a costume on them make sure it is comfortable and fits properly  and no pieces can be chewed off  to cause a choking hazard 

6.Keep glow sticks and glow like accessories away from your pets. Although the liquid in these products may not be  toxic, it tastes harsh  and makes pets salivate excessively and act weird

7. If your dog has a tendency to be wary of people and may bite without meaning too . provide them with a safe place to be during the trick or treat hours

8 If you have mainly an outdoor cat, you might want to keep him or her inside a week before and after #Halloween , especially if they are black cats 

9. Do not leave pets outside in the yard 

10.Keep Pumpkins and Corn out of reach, they may cause gastrointestinal  issues

11. Keep wires  and electrical cords out of reach 

12. Try on costumes in advance, this way you can determine if they are stressed, allergic or show unusual behavior  *  Halloween themed bandana may work for those that don’t like to or want to be dressed up  




 Pet MD Halloween Tips

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