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Harvest Theme ~BarkBox

We are thrilled to introduce you to Barkbox for those of you that don’t know what it is, this is a monthly themed subscription box for dogs, and for around $21.00 a month you can start to receive these each month, and your first one ships out super fast, We contacted these wonderful folks to bring you awareness of such box and we were super pleased with what we got in the box.

Harvest Theme:

Monsieur Acorn: This garçon is densely packed with fluff and hides a squeaky spiky ball “nut” inside. very durable and has many hours of play without  being chewed apart 
These delish donut shaped treats are bacon flavored and sure to please any pup,: They were kind of hard for Ariel’s dainty mouth, but after breaking them in half, she was able to enjoy them and they had a very nice aroma, since she loves to share tasty treats, we bagged them up for others and passed them around to neighbor dogs.
Etta Says .com Elk Chew Stick: This was a major hit with Ariel, she loves to chew on chicken and beef flavored sticks, so I was not sure about Elk flavor, she happily chewed this without hesitation and really enjoyed it, I love these kinds of sticks that last awhile and not gone in a few minutes.


Most liked toy/treat in the box


Petsafe bouncy bone with bonus treat rings was by far

her favorite, we are in the process of buying additional treats rings to replace the ones once she has finished the bag. the rings are peanut butter flavored rawhide and Ariel just can’t resist them. she gives this 5 wags

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to try out Barkbox and had a wonderful time tasting and playing with the wonderful toys and treats in the box

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