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Have a Pet and Wear it too. Thanks PetFlair

We get it,  we love our pets so much that we want others to know just how much we love, we buy customized items

with our pets pictures plastered all over them, there is no limit of possibilities, but where do we draw the line

I can buy  handbags, socks, reusable grocery bags, etc with a picture of my furry child and I would show it off and

be proud to share it with the whole world or whoever is listening to me, people are obsessed with  their pets

and they should be they are very much a part of our lives and comfort us and listen to us vent, or sob and tell our

problems too when no one else listens, so now to add to the plethora of items you could or would own with

a portrait of your  pet is  swimwear, yes you can now  have your very own unique one of a kind swimsuit

and it is all for a good cause as well, right now  PetFlair

Has a kickstarter campaign that has An AMAZING range of custom swimwear, towels and bags uniquely designed for you and your best friend – dog, cat, whatever!

you and your best friend – dog, cat, whatever!   This Australian company ships to anywhere in the world

and you can own one by pledging money to help support their campaign

So would you buy this? Yay or Nay?  #DontShopAdopt

Find out more by checking out their Social media


Meet the PetFlair Family



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