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Hear Doggy and Go Dog Toys

  • Hear Doggy!™ Ultrasonic Dog Toys provide hours of squeaky toy entertainment without the  headache to pet parents. Using innovative squeaker technology, Hear Doggy!™ squeakers are tuned to a pitch outside the human hearing range leaving all the noisy fun to your furry companions. Hear Doggy!™ is now available in MINI Flatties for tiny chewers and tiny breeds.

Yes, they are actually silent to human ears only the dogs can hear them and can play with them for as long as they want and we don’t hear the  “squeaky noise” over and over again. perfect for when you have company over or on the phone when your pup wants to play. I do suggest not letting older bigger dogs get a hold of these  mini flatties they will be annihilated and all will be lost, Ariel is a smaller breed dog and a tiny chewer and she has yet to destroy or rip it apart, and she has ripped toys apart before but not these, but as with any toy there should be supervision and check for rips and tears occasionally.

These are so cute that you will want to purchase the whole collection and if you can part with them, they make excellent gifts for other smaller dogs.  read more About Worldwise this wonderful innovative company and their passion for animals

Go! Dog™ with tough Chew Guard Technology™is a fun lovin’ brand that offers added durability to help toys stand up to tough chewers. And goDog’s newest collection of Bugz are bright, colorful, available in 2 sizes and absolutely adorable

Adorable and has  major squeakabilty  Ariel loves this toy, she has even slept with it and makes sure that everyone knows that is her toy, she will come up to you and drop in your lap, giving you permission and letting you know that she wants to play, it is perfect for her little mouth and easy enough for her to carry across the room , she is such a happy girl, she loves all of her toys and plays with different ones depending on her mood, but she does have a preference at the moment and it is her  Go! Dog Caterpillar, she has not let it out of her site since she has received it

If I was a dog I think I would love this one too

Ariel sleeping with her Go Dog toy

We are so pleased with this company they truly understand the needs of all animals and it shows in each of their products.

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