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How our dog helped with low blood sugar

We all know that dogs are amazing and have been trained to detect cancer, seek out drugs and even find someone that has passed away. But what if you get a dog that did not have any training and by chance, she comes into your life and knows and senses something is not quite right? Ariel came into our lives four years ago and by then my husband had already been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes,But still to no avail did we have it under control and we went back and forth with the insurance company to get him an affordable insulin, with several trial errors with his medication and bad readings with a glucose meter, we went through several of those before we found the right one that was easy to use and to understand. One day Hubby was shaking, feeling light-headed and dizzy and Ariel not understanding what was going on jumped up in his lap and started to lick his hands and arms, I went over to move her and she gave me a look to help him , I went to get his glucose meter and prepped his finger to prick it for the test and nothing would come out, I tried finger number 2 and I got enough out to get a reading ,his blood sugar level was 20, I immediately got on the phone with the Dr and told him what was going on, He suggested that I get him some orange juice and glucose tabs.during this time not once did Ariel leave his side and she continued with the licking until I checked his glucose levels again and they increased. So from now on when she starts paying extra attention to him I know that something is not quite right, Now we have him on insulin and his medication has been straightened out but not always a guarantee to keep his glucose levels from either spiking too high or dropping too low.I check his levels 3 times a day and they are consistent most of the but there are days that it is off. He gets so much love and devotion from Ariel she is a life saver.
* This is our own opinion and may differ from yours, If any of the above applies to you please seek the advice of a medical professional *

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