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How to Clean your Dog without water ~ A Total Pet Bathless Cleaning Spa & Haarology Review

Giving a small dog a bath might not seem like much of a challenge, but it really can be, stooping or squatting over the tub can put a strain on the back and legs causing discomfort and does not make for an enjoyable experience, I think Ariel can sense that and then gives me a look of  I’m sorry that I need a bath, not that anything can ever replace a bath , but there are days that she goes outside and  gets dirty and full of sand  which is inevitable while living  in Florida and I am either too tired to give her a full bath or I just don’t want to give her too many baths which  are not good for her coat or skin. So you are thinking well I don’t want my dog to be stinky or overly dirty what are my alternatives?  That is where  The Total Pet Spa comes in handy. It is a Bath-less cleaning system that removes dirt and that wet doggy smell that we all experience from time to time.  I have purchased  Candles, Aerosol Sprays, and Plug-ins to help eliminate pet odor in my home. It just masks the smell but does not eliminate it. This simple bath-less  cleaning system  is so easy and quick to use, I can sit comfortably on the couch or floor with my dog, load an all natural cosmetic cleaning  pad into the cleaning attachment (1) and with back and forth strokes my Ariel is getting clean eliminating bacteria, germs, dander and mostly odors  as you can see in the used pad (2), once your dog is all clean  use the arched bristle attachment to  smooth out the hair  (3) , Now if you have a feline  you know that they will not typically be a participant with anything that has to do with water, I did use this on my cat and he sat there and patiently  let me clean him, but he was more of a good sport when I used the Haarology  Pet De-shedding tool (4)  this is amazing I could not believe the amount of hair that I got off of him with one stroke, but my biggest surprise is when I brushed my friends dog and with each stroke copious amount of fur attached it self to the brush (5) and when you have a cat with long hair it shows up either in balls of fur  all over the furniture or worse hair balls yuck!,since I have been using the  Haarology Pet De-Shedding tool I have seen a decrease of   hair on the couch and fewer hair balls



What we loved about this.  I can sit with Ariel in a relaxed environment and brush and clean her and this way she is calm, I’m comfortable and it is an enjoyable experience for both of us , She  smells good and  has a nice fresh aroma about her , The Haarology Pet De-Shedding tool is self-cleaning , no more digging or scrapping and hurting fingers to remove pet hair and Merlin the cat  actually enjoys being brushed . Also, this would be great to use if you travel with your dog and want to freshen them up quickly

Credit to Alicia Dionne  and her team for inventing this amazing product

Honorable Mentions

Merlin & Holly ( Felines) for participating and having patience while testing out this product out on you.

Ariel, Maggie, Daisy, and Baxter  ( Canines) for enjoying your spa day and having fun

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