#dogs #TheDogOutDoors Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma * Update* 9/11

Right now at our present location here on the West coast of #Florida, we are getting some rain and wind, by the time #HurricaneIrma reaches us we might have up to 80mph winds, we are choosing to stay at our home with our furkids, If by chance we need to leave, they are going with us. Hope all that are in the path are safe and sound. We will update when we can, we may lose power. This morning I went around and checked up on our elderly neighbors and their furkids and made sure they had plenty of food and water. Please keep all of  #Florida in your thoughts and prayers today and #Texas as well.  Also if you are in Florida just a friendly reminder when taking furkids outside if you can please make sure they are on a leash, they may get scared and run off.


Update: We had a few branches that fell, a section of our wooden fence is leaning , rosebush ripped in half, It was a very scary night, the winds were howling, rain was beating against the window, Ariel was barking at each noise she heard , we lost power for a few seconds, from what I have seen it was mild, other places got hit much worse and more damage, prayers and positive thoughts for all.

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