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Hyper Pet ~ Ultimutt Gift Guide

We are super excited for the holidays this year, not only will this be our fifth Christmas since we became guardians of Ariel the Sassy Spaniel, but she knows that when UPS or FedEx comes that they are there to drop off packages for her, it is like she knows and the joy and excitement is so precious, she jumps and hops around until they are opened. and I can’t wait to see her eyes light up this year, she is such a blessing and I’m so glad that we are part of her life, okay moving along, we are starting to add to the list for our Ultimutt Holiday Gift Guide  and the barktastic people at Hyper-Pet  sent Ariel some pawsome goodies,  be sure to check these out and hopefully add them to your dogs gift list


Tough Plush Giraffe ~ Buy from Hyper Pet Giraffe Chewy.com

This tough durable toy is constructed with double the stitching with a sturdy binding, great for dogs that try to rip their toys, it comes with a squeaker and made with thick fabric


Hyper Chewz Hyper Chewz ~ Amazon

Lightweight for playing fetch, it floats and extra durable for power chewers, we put this in the bath with Ariel and it helped her to relax while getting soaped and rinsed if you live near a dog-friendly beach or have a pool this would be an ultimutt toy to have for your furkids .


Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Doggie Tail ~Walmart.com i

This toy is the coolest, it bounces and moves and gets your dog chasing it all over the place, endless fun,  we had several rainy days, and we set this toy in motion and Ariel enjoyed, this toy is fun and interactive ( you might want to stock up on batteries) because if your furkid is like mine, they will constantly want to play with this one




Hyper Pet Licki Mat * exclusive to Amazon Hyper Pet Lickimat ~ Amazon

How great is this, Ariel loves peanut butter and she only receives it on special occasions, ( when kids are making PB&J sandwiches which is almost every day)  We usually put some on a small plate or spoon for her to lick off, but with this we can put a dab in the grooves and set it down, the unique pattern helps cleans her teeth while licking it, and this also is great to give your dog medicine without the added stress of holding them or other methods used that we all know dogs don’t like.

Mini -Kannon Hyper Pet K9 mini kannon ~ Chewy.com

Get ready to take aim and catapult balls in your yard and watch your dog, run and fetch. hands-free loading, so no more slimy or wet balls to touch ( I don’t mind, but others might) simply pull the trigger, load the ball and launch.  great way to get exercise for you and your dog.


Flava Bone Hyper Pet Flav-Bone ~Amazon.com

This does not splinter,very dense and durable and peanut flavored, Ariel has been chewing on this for the past week and it has yet to show signs of any tearing and she can be a power chewer, just the right size for her little mouth and she can carry this to her favorite chewing spots without it dragging her down.


All of these items can be purchased through


( The Licki Mat may only be purchased  on Amazon)



We would love to give a HUGE thank you to Amy &  Hyper Pet for making Ariel one happy little girl, and for sending us these amazing hyper dog toys.

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We received these items for review purposes only, all opinions are %100 our own and may differ from yours






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