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I don’t blog just for free products

Contrary to what non-bloggers think, Most of us that blog do not do it for free products.
 I  blog because I want to know what the best products that are out there and to do that I ask companies for things either for little or no cost and maybe a contest as a perk.   
I’m like you I want to give my furkid the best  and I do research and ask  questions and look for reviews from other pet guardians, but I am more of a hands on person, I need to see, feel and have an actual physical product in my hand  to see how well it holds up and is it suitable to fit the needs of both my furkid and myself. I will review anything pet related and give my honest thoughts, yes getting a product sent to me is a perk and I appreciate it, but I’m not doing this just to get free stuff. I want to be able to inform others out there what is the best for their particular needs when it comes to taking care of their furry family.

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