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License to be Sassy ~ My Pet DMV


It’s official I Ariel the Sassy Spaniel has her own State ID, yes the barktastic people from My Pet DMV sent us a picture ID with name, address, phone number and details, this way If Ariel ever became lost or missing, and when found the person would know who to contact,  According to the American Humane Society about 10 Million dogs and cats go missing each year they are either lost or stolen,and only 22% that end up in shelters are reunited with families, this is why it is so important for your fur-child to have some form of ID on them. and some of the great reasons are

Unexpected events happen, we live in Florida and we do have Hurricanes, if something ever happened to where we became separated   from Ariel, we would be devastated and knowing she has external identification will help ease my mind,

When someone sees that she has an ID, she will receive help faster, without ID she would most likely go to a shelter where no one knows who she belongs to and that would be terrifying to her,

Whoever finds her knows she has a home and then would be able to call us and bring her back

Ariel’s thoughts:

I’m so happy to have my very own DMV ID, now I can go to the pet store and get my own toys and accessories of course mom and dad can come along for the ride, it’s only fair since they take me for rides, I want to return the favor,: the quality of this ID is pawsome and it is authentic looking, I don’t have to print out a fake ID anymore to get into the doggie park and when I move it is quiet, unlike metal tags, this way I can sneak up on mom or dad for a tasty morsel of food, and squirrels don’t hear me quite as often,  haha  I can go in stealth mode without my tag giving me away, which is also great for a game of hide and seek.  I love that I have a tag on me plus bonus extras such as it comes in a set of 4 ,( 1 for my collar, 2 other collar tags just in case I lose one and extra for a keychain  and a full size one for mom or dad to have)  and all 50 states and Canada  they can make it for you , We designed ours and was shipped and received very quick

We will also be hosting a contest for 1 furkid to win one of their very own, so be on the look out very soon

We received this item for review purposes only, no monetary compensation was exchanged, all opinions  are our own and may differ from yours




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