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May Pet Treater Box


Pet Treater Dog Subscription monthly subscription starting out at $24.99 and Includes 7-9 Items including treats, toys, and accessories!

These are the items we received and may differ from yours


Scout and Zoes Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

  • USA raised chicken, No Hormones, and Antibiotic Free
  • Ingredients  Chicken and Vegetable Glycerin

We never tried these before, but they sure were greeted with delight and enjoyed not only by Ariel The Sassy Spaniel, but her neighborhood doggie friends, We welcomed new dogs in the area with these delectable treats, I think we now have friends for life. They were easy to chew, long lasting and an appetizing aroma. 5 paws

Puppy Scoops We have not experienced this treat yet, as we are saving it for Ariels 5th Birthday Party coming up June 13th, but will come back with an update shortly thereafter. but just from the ingredients alone, I’m sure it will be a hit.


Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations We always look forward to these cookies made by Emmy, they are Homemade and all natural and only the finest and freshest ingredients go into each cookie or treat. Ariel goes crazy over these, and she is quite a diva when it comes to her treats, so her eating this Ice Cream shaped cookie, is a compliment. Ariel knows good treats and these are on the top of her list, If she could she would give them a rating of more than 5 paws.



Dog IT plush squeaky Toy This Turtle has a low squeaker but provides fun, enjoyment and lots of playtime. made out of terrycloth and can easily be carried around from room to room. The surface can be cleaned and is durable for the toughest of tiny teeth tugging


Pet Stages Stuffless Dog Toys  This Stuffless little creature has two different sounding squeakers at various pitches, each one that is sure to delight your pup, and best of all no stuffing to rip, chew or get all over the place, plus this appears to be durable enough that her little mouth and teeth can’t undo the stitching or the seams, no matter how hard she tries, This is  fun toy and we love to play fetch with her. She will dig out all of her toys to reach this one if put at the bottom of the pile in her toy basket. such a delight to see her excited about one toy. Makes me feel good knowing that she is happy


Misc Goodies

GNC Insect Repellent Wipes



  • Natural Ingredients repel fleas and ticks
  • Contains natural citronella oil

With Natural Ingredients!

GNC has been a trusted leader in the health and wellness industry for more than 75 years.

GNC Pets premium pet care products are designed to cater to the health needs of your dog, including dry, chapped noses and paws, itching, sunburns and insect bites. These products are infused with natural extracts, contain no harsh chemicals and can help ensure your dog is comfortable and well-protected from head to tail

We loved the ease of use with these wipes, as with mosquito season coming soon, I want Ariel to be protected, these smell delightful and no harsh chemical smell, and user-friendly dispenser.
JMK microfiber pet  Towel
This is perfect for those rainy days to quickly wipe off your dog and their paws, just the right size for smaller dogs and once it is dirty just toss and wash. . very effective and cute
We received the above items for review purposes only as part of the Pet Treater Amabassador program, all opinions are our own and may differ from yours

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