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Greetings, I’m Laura the biped behind this website and  HuMom to the beautiful little girl who this blog is all about, to say that her journey has been an easy one is an understatement, She was a rescue from a place that was not livable nor very furkid friendly, In the  four years that she been in our family she has been loved, spoiled and treated like a princess .  At The Sassy Spaniel, you will find honest product reviews, We love to share with other dog parents out there the very best or not so good dog products.




The Sassy Spaniel: This is Ariel a 4-year-old Tibetan Spaniel who spends most of her days exploring for tasty treats, chasing squirrels, lizards, living the Florida life  and keeping a look out high on top of the couch,  She shares her home with  her feline fur brother Merlin,  Dad, Mom and two teenage siblings, She will be very honest with preference  of  treats but in her defense that could be food or toys , but not much is out there that she does not dislike, if it smells like bacon, chicken or beef she will eat it, toys the louder the better.



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