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Ode to Merlin

On September 30th I started my day, as usual, I fill the coffee maker with water and coffee turn it on and as I wait I take out Ariel for her morning routine, by this time Merlin is meowing for food, He did meow for breakfast and I knew something was wrong, then I found him, he was lifeless and unresponsive, I touched him and then I knew that he has passed during the night or early that morning, I woke up my husband and daughter  in tears and told them that Merlin was gone, not  much we could do for him at that time, I was on my way to work and daughter to school, I covered him up and said my tearful goodbyes and tried to make it through the rest of the day,, It was very hard

I loved him for the past 11 years, he was my fat cat, chunky monkey Merlin, I held him in my robe when he was just 10 weeks old, and from that day, he was my shadow, he knew when I was having a bad day and cuddled with me almost every day, I am going to miss him so much, I do not think I will ever get another cat, Merlin was special and holds a very dear spot in my heart. It has been almost two weeks and I could not bring myself to vacuum the house, knowing it would be the last time his fur would ever be on my carpet, I finally did it though through tears, I would gawk about how much his fur got everywhere, but now I wish it was still there .

This is not a goodbye, because I know that when my time comes I will see him again,

If you have ever lost a beloved furbaby, many hugs to you


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