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Ora-Bone™ USA Dental Chew * Review*

Do you have a Harry Halitosis or Betty Bad Breath? If you do that could mean stinky dog breath,

Stinky dog breath may be a result of plaque, dental bacteria, tartar, or worse serious dental issues, Did you know that these can lead to side effects that are detrimental to your dog’s health and their well being? Heart issues and bacteria in the bloodstream put them at risk, I understand that it may not be easy to brush their teeth or get them into a Vet to have them cleaned or checked, but with some preventive measures such as  Ora-Bone™ USA Dental Chew that contain 3  breath-freshening ingredients. Mint, Parsley, and Chlorophyll, This smartly designed shape helps clean teeth massage the gums all while fighting stinky breath in the mouth and gut,

No artificial colors or flavors so it does not mask the odor but  helps prevent bad breath,

Dental Features include

Nibs: At the top which massage gums and scrape the tongue for fresher breath,

Holes: help clean both sides of the tongue

Center Bulb: cleans behind the front of the teeth, top of mouth and tongue

Stepped Tapered Ribs: for more effective removal of tartar and plaque, form teeth fitting channels, promote movement in the mouth. These and other treats can be purchased from Loving Pet


Loving Pets Ora-Bone Dental treats for dogs

I could tell a difference in Ariel’s breath after eating just one, I do make an effort to brush her teeth, but she is not a willing participant and this is something that I don’t want her to get upset or stressed over, I want her to feel comfortable and not scatter when she sees the thing I clean her teeth with, so being able to give this to her and have her enjoy it and clean her teeth and help her breath at the same time, means less stress on the both of us,

Nom Nom This tastes so much better than the meaty toothpaste and easier on mom and me




“It is estimated that 80% of dogs will have some type of periodontal issue by the time they are the age of 3, so our team felt a deep responsibility to provide dogs (and their humans) a natural and affordable solution that promote dental and oral health,” states Eric Abbey, President and Founder of Loving Pets.


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