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Pawsome Pet Treater Box June 2018




Pet Treater Dog Subscription box is a monthly box that you can get for your dog for about $24.99 a month and each box will have 7-9 various treats and toys, they adjust the box to the size of your pup, this way small dogs won’t get large dog toys and vice versa. Ariel the Sassy Spaniel is an #Amabassador  and all thought and opinions are her own

What Ariel Received :

She is a small dog weighing under 20lbs and not much of a chewer, she does however aggressive play with some of her toys and some of them had an unfortunate demise, but so far all the toys she has received are left intact and remain unharmed


My Doggy soft baked training treats, Apple Honey Flavor, limited ingredients  Rye Flour, Honey, Apple, Palm Oil, Eggs, Natural Apple Flavor , these tasty natural treats are sure to please, they smelled like graham cracker cookies and had a distinct scent of Honey and not to strong of Apple but you could tell that is was one of the ingredients , they are small and bite size and we only had to break them in half for Ariel to enjoy.

Heavenly Hounds  Relaxation Peanut Butter flavored Square.

These are a blessing, lately, in our great State of Florida, we are experiencing thunderstorms which is normal and usually does not have much of an effect on Ariel, but the loud tuba sounding booms have her a little on edge, though we do have a ThunderShirt for her, we have noticed that she still seems uneasy, I gave her a little nibble of this with our last storm and within a few minutes I noticed a change, I’m going to keep this handy because I heard that Hurricane season could be a beast again this year. And also with our nations holiday, The 4th of July is close too, this will really come in handy

Vegalicious Treat Bar This was also a welcoming treat  with the crazy coconut flavor, It reminds me of the healthy bars sold in Nutritional stores and oops son almost confused it with one of his energy bars, LOL, I gave Ariel a small taste and she ate it without hesitation and it also seemed to help with her funky breath, I think the coconut in it had that effect , I will gladly give her more since it helped with the breath odor.



Geometric Fetch Ball, Vanilla scented: The round geometric squeaky ball, is a fun to have your dog chase this around the house on a rainy day, or just a game of fetch outdoors. this is soft, pliable easy to carry in the mouth and endless minutes of fun and enjoyment.

Crinkle Monkey: This Crinkle body, Squeaky head toy is almost as long as Ariel, though that did not deter her from snatching it directly from the box the moment we opened it, she has played with this every day and I like it because we can have a tug of war game with it, it is nice and soft, made with strong stitching and durable for her energetic play.


Fou-Stick This was also very welcomed, it has coconut oil and beeswax in it to protect doggy noses and paws from hot pavement, though I do test the pavement with my bare hand before we take walks there might be spots that are still warm from the Florida sun, and the sand near us might be unbearable too. So please use caution and protect their feet and noses.

Human Gift: I love how Pet Treater includes a special gift for us humans, this month we received a hinged dual sided picture frame with a heartfelt saying on one side and a place to hold a meaningful picture on the other


Our Final thoughts:

We have not been disappointed thus far, and personally don’t think we will in the future, we enjoy these monthly boxes and I believe Ariel get so much joy out of them, that makes this dog momma happy

Also, don’t forget the kitties if you have a Cat, they also have a box for them as well: Pet Treater Cat

2 thoughts on “Pawsome Pet Treater Box June 2018”

  1. This box sounds really cool and the content looks awesome! Wished we had something similar in Germany! Have fun with your treats, Ariel!

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