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Pet Grooming Wipes ~ An International Veterinary Science Review

 International Veterinary Science Bath Wipes

Reduces Odor & Bacteria with All-Natural Skin Conditioners and Cleaners, Extra Thick & Heavy Duty 

  • Contains All-Natural Ingredients with Vitamins A & E and Soothing Aloe Vera
  • The Perfect Way to Clean and Nourish your Pet’s Skin and Coat – Best used for in-between washes, after the Dog Park, Camping, Hikes, and Walks
  • Reduces Odor & Bacteria, wipes away Dirt, Dander, and loose fur
  • Extra thick & heavy duty; wipes measure 8-inches x 10-inches (you won’t believe how thick!)
  • Wipes are Super Absorbent and stay moist even after you’ve cleaned your pet
  • Easy, Safe, Cruelty-Free and effective to use on the entire body from face to tail
  • Proudly Made in the USA

These come in handy when giving a full bath is unnecessary and you just need to quickly clean your pups dirty paws or a quick and convenient wipe down after coming in from the rain and you need to remove excess dirt.

Ariel loves to walk through the flowers and ends up getting pollen on her tail and paws, thus they start to bother her and makes her itch, so with these wipes I can remove the irritation from the pollen and she won’t sit them licking her paws trying to remove it. I like these because she is a smaller dog and the large size covers her whole body so that I’m able to use one and be done, less frustration and keeps her from wanting to run away. She does not like to be wet.

We received these as part of a review, all opinions are our own and may vary from yours



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