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Pet Shops

When shopping for your pet which do you prefer a  well-known chain such as

Petco or PetSmart where you can shop in an actual physical store and touch and feel each product that you like or intend to buy?

Or would you rather shop online and buy from places such as  Chewy.com

I think it is a matter of time and preference, I prefer to go into a brick and mortar store and have the ability to take Ariel with me  and have a  Mom and Ariel day and have her pick out what toy she wants, and this way I can try the collar on her to see how it fits and looks on her.

Then again buying online saves gas and I can just have these items shipped to me and  Ariel gets all happy just to have a box that is meant for her or her fur brother.

Then we have small independent local pet stores  and thrift shops that support the local shelters,

I have bought from them knowing that the money I spend in there goes towards a meal or vaccination of a shelter pet in need  and that makes my heart happy

All that really matters to me is that I can find a useful product and it will benefit Ariel and not overly spend

I have gone to the store and have the intention of buying a few items and then walking out with more than I wanted it

impulse buying can be fun, but it also can break the budget,

That is where shopping online helps because you need to take into consideration shipping and handling and that can get expensive unless you spend over a certain amount and shipping is free.

My goal is usually setting a limit and sticking to it the best I can, but then I see those magic words “sale” and I forget

that I even have a budget.

If you are fortunate enough to live near flea markets those can really big help and there are times

that the shop keeper wants to reduce their inventory to make room for more and sells many items  for a

discounted rate, I have purchased many toys and bed covers this way and spent only half what I planned on spending.

So let us know how you prefer to shop for your furkids

Have a great day

Laura and Ariel The Sassy Spaniel

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