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Pet Treater December Box Review


I’m still in awe of all the great and pawsome stuff we get in the Pet Treater monthly boxes, these wonderful ladies and gentlemen sure do know how to put together a box and make a pup happy, I’m not sure if Ariel can see the color of the box, but when it arrives she knows it is for her, maybe she can smell the delish treats, since they are kind of warm after all it is riding around in a mail truck in Florida and I’m sure its scent gets passed on through the air. and by the time it reaches our destination the smell has permeated enough to make Ariel know something inside smells good and she wants it now.. We are excited to share with you what we got this month.

ASPCA Fleece Pet Blanket

Bare Bites Beef Liver Treats

Pet Lou Squeaky Toy

Grriggles Toy

Pet Life America  Clucktastic Chicken Treats  * Ariel gives these a High paw*

Indigo  Bacon and Chicken Smoke house Strips ( We shared these with the neighboorhood dogs and they  were very pleased)

and of course always our Favorite Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations these are always good and very well liked, we got a cookie shaped and decorated like a present and in no time it was gone and eaten.

A Naughty/ Nice Bandana from Pet Treater

and then the “human” pet gift was a cute coloring book, we shall have many hours of enjoyment with that.

We got a gift card to be redeemed at Lilipi Pets where can make and have our very own personalized custom pillow of our pet,  how cool is that.

We would like to Thank all the wonderful people at  Pet Treater for another amazing box and looking forward to a new year and new toys and treats to explore and try out  Cheers!

We have not been compensated for this post other than to review the box and give our opinion which may differ from yours .



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