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Petkind Beef Tripe Treats

Trying new treats is always exciting and thanks to Chewy.com we have the opportunity to experience a variety of good stuff, But there is always a chance  that the treats we choose we might not like, this is one of those times, I’m sure that the PetKind Tripe Treats are delicious and tasty, but Ariel stuck her nose up at them and spit it out the moment it touched her tongue, She normally will try and eat just about anything we give her, but not these. There was nothing wrong with them, they smelled good and had a nice meaty aroma to them, I did get a 2nd opinion from her fur-cousin and she just gobbled them not sure if she even savored them, from the moment I put it towards her mouth it was gone in a matter of seconds. so apparently it was just Ariel’s taste buds that did not care for these treats, so there was nothing wrong with them, Little Miss Diva Ariel simply did not want to try them. she stuck up her nose and walked away.

Key Benefits

  • Protein-packed and tasty green beef tripe treats are great for picky eaters and have a delicious scent your pal will love.
  • Grain-free tripe treats absorb digestive juices and are a wonderful choice for doggies with sensitive stomachs.
  • This healthy and nutritious formula helps promotes a lustrous coat and healthy skin with naturally occurring omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • A healthy snack suitable for both cats and dogs of all ages and sizes as they are easily broken along the perforations.
  • Filled with natural and healthy ingredients, they are perfect for training the smallest member of the family.


PetKind is committed to superior quality when it comes to your dog’s nutrition. That’s why their products focus on 100% pure green tripe and tons of fresh meat. PetKind’s dog food recipes are carefully formulated to provide your pup with everything they need for a happy, healthy life.


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