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Petlinks Scratcher



I love this so much better than the couch and it smells so good too !!

Does your feline scratch and claw everything, can’t buy new furniture because no matter what you have tried, kitty still likes to sharpen his or her claws on the couch?, Well we can’t tell cats no, well we can but do they listen? nope they look at you as if to say  excuse me, did you just try to keep me from doing something I enjoy, Well we might not be able to get them to completely stop but there is another solution, and that is the Petlinks Scratcher, this oversized corrugated cardboard is sure to please  your feline and large enough to accommodate just about any size  domestic cat, now the Sassy Spaniel has a fur feline maine coon brother and he is quite a huge cat  weighing in about 25 lbs and very long and heavy, from the moment we opened the box, nature took its course and he began scratching and rubbing all over it, he has had other scratchers before and completely shredded them with in a week, this one from Petlinks is thick and sturdy and Merlin has yet to shred a hole in it even with the infused cat nip technology and all of his daily use of it.  Since we have had this he has left the couch and shower curtain alone. which makes me happy because we have replaced 3 shower liners in the past  2 months, my couch, on the other hand, is beyond help and I’m not about to duct tape it because it would look gawdy and he would probably shred that eventually. so if you have a habitual scratcher in the house, I highly recommend getting one of these scratchers. it will save what sanity you have left and give you some peace of mind knowing that your furniture is safe even for the moment.  So do you and your cat a favor and check into it today, don’t delay..

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