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Please Respond * You’re on Notice*

Recently we have reached out to several companies, and it has been over a month and still no reply, Yes it’s a busy time of year with school starting and the holidays not to far behind, but please just have the common courtesy to respond, even if just to say sorry we are not interested at this time. We don’t want to blast these companies, however, we feel that if we list them here others might agree and comment they have had the same results. so if your name and or company is listed here, we have made several attempts to contact you and have not received one response


PDC Beauty

products such as



Body Fantasies

We reached out to each of these companies and made sure that we contacted the right person and have sent out several emails over the course of 2 months, not once have we received a response



We contacted them twice in the month of May and once in June, to this date we have not heard back from them, Is it because we are a smaller blog and don’t have thousands of followers? yes they are a big company but at one time they started off small, why not give us a chance, we can review and write just as well as the bigger blogs out there

All we ask is that you respond to us, If you prefer us not to contact you or just simply not interested please let us know



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