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Prized Pet Dog Birthday Party Pack




When it comes to Ariel’s Birthday or any of my beloved pets special day, I do the usual buy them a treat and a toy and the family gathers around and we sing the Birthday song, Well this year I wanted to do something different, although we don’t know the actual date she was born, we estimated about when it would be , we became her guardians when she was close to six months old and from there we chose a date. June 13th, though this year we did celebrate a bit early she does not know that all she knows is that several people were paying more attention to her than usual and there was cake and ice cream and a toy that played music. and all of this was possible thanks to a company that knows and caters to such event. PRIZED PET

They know that pets are our best friends and deserve to be spoiled, they have such a great selection of grain free all natural treats so of course, I had to check them out,  I chose the Prized Pet Birthday Package

Oh, my dog we were so pleased with everything that was sent in our Birthday box, We received a Vanilla Cake mix from Lazy Dog Cookie Company , Ariel agreed that  it was tasty and that it  had a nice aroma to it, she wagged her tail in delight as she was eating it, so we know she loved it. Next came Ice Cream provided by Puppy Scoops   peanut butter flavor, I have smelled doggie ice cream before and this one surpassed all my expectations and I could tell that it was quality made  very smooth and creamy, user-friendly and a crowd pleaser, Ariel graciously shared her cake and ice cream with some of the other dogs in her neighborhood and they gobbled it up. next was a pink party hat that she looked so adorable in and she strutted her stuff around the house, she was so proud to wear it, like she knew it was her special day, at lastly a musical birthday cake toy, that played Happy Birthday.

I can not express how wonderful this day was, after all, she will only be on this planet for a short time, though I wish that dogs could live with us furever, but since they don’t all I want to do is make her life the most enjoyable time that I can, and if that means to go overboard and spoiling her than so be it.

We would love to express our gratitude to Prized Pet and thank them so much for a wonderful Birthday Party Pack

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