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Scoop-away Cat Litter


Imagine coming home after a long hard day and you smell the odor of your cat’s litter box, even worse you have guests coming over and you definitely don’t want them to smell it either, so you go in and investigate and see that nothing offending can be causing such a smell, Don’t worry it’s not your fault, it is the type of litter that your using and it is not doing the job of eliminating odors. Frantically you go to the store and look at all the types and brands but there are so many to choose from, one says 24hr control, instant action, or super clumping. Alas, there is help and that is Scoop Away Complete   This low dust, maximum clumping litter is there to help, There are NO harsh chemicals, with plant extracts contained with special minerals that trap the offensive odors and bacteria.

So the next time you come home, your nose will be pleased and you won’t have to worry when family and friends come over and it will save you from social embarrassment and of course, kitty will be happy that he/she has a clean environment to do their business in.

The Sassy Spaniel received this product for review purposes only as part of the #ChewyInfluencer program, all opinions are %100 our own and may differ from yours

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