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Being a part of #chewyinfluencer I’m able to choose from a variety of featured products and most times I choose something that Ariel would like and enjoy and able to share with the local neighborhood dogs, but this time I decided to choose something for her fur brother, She has a 10-year-old 20lb Maine Coon fur brother that practically keeps to himself, unless he hears food being poured into his bowl, or the sound of the can opener, anyways Merlin has been very tolerant of Ariel since she has “invaded” his domain for the past 5 years and he keeps his distance unless he wants to lay on the couch near the window and she is in his space, he vocally let’s her know that is not acceptable

So one of the featured products was cat food and though it has been offered before this time it was chosen, so it came and I thought he may be hesitant at first due to him being set in his ways and not happy when it comes to change, we have only switched his food twice in the ten years of his life, We mixed the Hills Science Diet Adult Oral Care Cat Food

with his regular food to ensure that it would not upset his stomach and from the moment we mixed it, he only ate the Hills Science diet and ate around his other food to get to the “new” food, Now  for him being so set in his ways I was quite pleased that he eats in and enjoys it,  I’m such a happy cat guardian, Thank you for making an old cranky cat happy.  and it has helped with his funky cat smelly breath too, and here is why

Key Benefits

  • Clinically proven to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up for oral health benefits.
  • Interlocking fiber technology works to clean your cat’s teeth and freshen her breath.
  • Antioxidant and vitamin blend work together to help support a healthy immune system.
  • Made from natural, high-quality ingredients without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Made in the USA, this is a complete and balanced diet recommended for adult cats.

Have you ever tried to brush the teeth on a cat? Yeah, not an easy thing to do so finding a product that helps is a plus in my eyes.

We would like to Thank #chewyinfluencer and #HillsScienceDiet for making Merlin purr with joy

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