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Skout’s Honor Review





About The Company

Placing safety and environmental responsibility before profit, and generating ongoing opportunities to give back in a meaningful way through our Skout’s Paw Pledge, Skout’s Honor will change the way animal lovers consider their pet product purchases. Our goal is to motivate a culture of moral skill and moral will by educating our customers about the individual impact they can create through conscious-consumerism. Together, we will feed an animal in need with every product sold!

I had the privilege to try Skout’s Honor

and to witness   for myself just how well this product actually worked, I received  the Urine Destroyer and Odor Eliminator I was pleasantly pleased to see that each one of these were  all natural, environmentally and socially  conscious, having  cruelty free and non-toxic products in my house is something that I’m actively seeking, I was not aware that most cleaners and deodorizers that I purchase have so many  harmful chemicals in them, I want a clean and safe environment from chemicals in  home not only just for me and my kids, but my furry kids too, I don’t want either of them breathing in or being exposed to these things,

So when I found out about Skout’s Honor I just had to try it and I am sure happy that I did , I like my home to be clean and odor free, my worst smell currently is the cat box, I have two boxes for 1 cat and they both get cleaned twice sometimes three times daily, I use a name brand cat litter that is supposed to help with smells and etc, but there are days that I will come home and get smacked in the face with the odor,  and if you own a feline, most of you know that “smell”  , But since I received  the Urine Destroyer and Odor Eliminator I have been using them almost daily, each time that I scoop the mounds of urine or poo out of the litter box I spritz a little bit of both in the box and almost instantaneous the smell is gone, For a 22lb Maine Coon Cat, he can leave quite a stink, and other sprays and deodorizers that I have used before only mask the smell and does not eliminate the odor and then I spray more just putting unwanted chemicals in the air we breathe, the Litter Box Deodorizer  would be purrfect for this type of need .

We recently went through #HurricaneIrma and during that time Ariel The Sassy Spaniel was not allowed to go outside, the winds were high and with her being so small I was fearful she would be blown away, she is very good at holding “it” and she did have a small accident in the house on the carpet, even though it was not much it still had a slight odor, I quickly cleaned it up and to prevent any further smell or re-soiling of that area , So  I used the Odor Eliminator and could not smell anything .and was happy about that.

What we liked about Skout’s Honor is :  They are Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable ,Cruelty-Free and Non-Toxic

plus, There  Paw Pledge is “Providing a Day’s worth of Food to an animal in need with every purchase”

Dislike: The Trigger  Lever  was a little hard for someone that has arthritis to use and spray, but not too bothersome

Thank you Skout’s Honor Team  for providing The Sassy Spaniel with an amazing product

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