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Spooky Goodies #PetTreater October 2018

I apologize for this being late, but due to unforeseen circumstances our shipment was delayed due to #HurricaneMichael, after getting notification that my shipment was due, I saw that it was delayed and it stayed that way for several days, after contacting USPS, it was likely that it was lost, I contacted PetTreater and  they sent out a replacement immediately , that to me is a great company.. Now on to the Goodies

Dog IT Gūmi

The toys are specifically designed to help floss, remove plaque, and deep clean those hard to reach areas.

With its Gumi ball technology and rotating end pieces, the Spin & Clean provides your dog with a complete 360 degree cleaning. Encased within a durable nylon covering, the Gumi balls provide deep cleaning action as they move and shift against the teeth.

The durable nylon/Gumi ball combination effectively removes surface buildup a sure-fire way to fight cavities. The ribbed edges of the nylon also help in removing plaque.

Dogit Design Gŭmi Dog dental toys are available in 3 styles (Floss & Clean, Chew & Clean, and Spin & Clean) and 4 sizes (mini, small, medium, and large).

Key Features :

  • For complete 360 degree dental care
  • Gumi Balls: Shift and move for deep cleaning
  • Rotating Ends: Spin and move around the dog’s mouth as he chews, providing a 360 degree cleaning
  • Scrubbers: Help remove food; stimulate gums
  • Durable Nylon Ridges: help remove plaque.
  • Soft Gumi Texture: Encourages continuous play; exercises jaw muscles without damaging teeth.

Also available :

  •  Dogit Design Gumi Dental Dog Toy, Chew & Clean, Mini (72903)
  •  Dogit Design Gumi Dental Dog Toy, Floss & Clean, Mini (72909)


Ariel liked this one , and yes it did clean some of the plaque off of her teeth, I noticed that they were a bit brighter after knawing on this for awhile , and did help her funky breath  too

Furminator Argan Waterless Spray ( Bath in a Bottle)

This is for touch up between baths or for dogs that don’t care for baths, this scented spray helps keep the dog stink away. Furminator Sprays

Himal Dog Treat:Cheesy Puff

all-natural hard cheese treat created with all natural ingredients without any chemicals, preservatives or additives. They are much harder than we expected for a puff treat, but after cutting into 3 pieces Ariel was able to munch and crunch and actually enjoyed them Himal Dog Treat

Healthy Dogma Spooky Spooch Bacon Dog Treats

Healthy Dogma products are made with all-natural ingredients and no toxic chemicals or residues.

Ingredients: Barley, Bacon, Oats, Peas, Tomato Pomace, Canola Oil, Cranberry, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Celery, Beets, Parsley, Lettuce, Watercress

These little donut shaped morsels were quite delicious and after being broken in half, they were gone, poof, Ariel ate it quite fast. they did have a very nice aroma to them, there were so many treats in this little bag, we chose to “treat” other pooches in the area and shared these with them Healthy Dogma Treats

Octopus Toy:

Sadly after about 20 minutes of having a new toy, this one met its demise and it’s stuffing was taken out of it, and had to go to toy heaven, It was cute and Ariel enjoyed it way too much.

Pet Treater Halloween Bandana

This exclusive Pet Treater Bandana is great on its own for those dogs that don’t or won’t wear a costume, but still, want to participate or to compliment their outfit:

We really enjoy getting our monthly boxes and would love for your pup to get one too, are you interested in getting your pooch a subscription? please click on this link Pet Treater Dog Subscription and sign up today. This makes a great Ultimutt Gift

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