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The Case of the Traveling Happy Hammock



Destination 1:  HD, HD is a dainty little girl with exquisite taste and loves the finer things in life, so when I presented  the Smarty Kat Happy Hammock  to her I figured this would give her curled up comfort and some privacy from her K9 sister and she could take naps in comfort, this was not the case, she sniffed it and we even enticed her with catnip and a shirt that smells like her HuMom, well to no avail she was not all that interested and preferred the comforts of the table runner to which she is more accustomed too, which is fine by me because a cat will do what a cat wants to do. no hurt feelings because HD( name abbreviated to protect her identity ) is a very loving lady and is set in her ways.


Destination 2: MW,: MW is an older gentleman that has put on some extra weight over the years and has grown quite long since his kitten days and well he was probably over the weight limit to fit into the Happy Hammock and is just sank thus displeasing him and scoff at it and did not return to seek anymore comfort. It was adjusted several times to try and make him comfortable, he curmudgeonly looked at it in haste and went off to look out the window and fall asleep on the couch.


Final Destination. AD:, AD is a younger cat that is a bit of a  juvenile and will gladly crash anywhere and anytime much like a frat boy after a long night of partying, so finally we found a home for the Happy Hammock and now it can be used and appreciated and loved for as long as it needs to be.


Our thoughts. We loved that it was adjustable and though we did have to switch chairs due to the first one being too wide and a bit wobbly, but other than that, this comfortable hammock is soft and sturdy, and easy to clean.


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