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The Sassy Spaniel Reviews The Neater Feeder




Neater Feeder 

We all know that feeling of walking into the kitchen with socks on and getting them wet, due to you or your furkid spilling their water or leaving pieces of food on the ground, Well, I have experienced both first hand, and it can ruin your whole day especially if your running late grabbing a bite to eat and slurp some coffee while trying to  slip on your shoes on as you head out the door. But now you need to either live with a wet sock or go in and grab another pair. I do the latter and in a haste, mood grabs another pair of socks and a rag to clean up the spilled water and I honestly think that anyone within earshot is laughing at me, Only because they know that they have done it,  Well, I have found a solution for just that problem. The NEATER FEEDER, What is the Neater Feeder you ask, Well let me tell you it is an innovative product that holds both the food and water dishes in a handy-dandy tray with a unique filter that allows the spilled water to drain into the lower portion of the tray, and best of all it is skid resistant. Ariel The Sassy Spaniel  loves to play in her water she slops it all over the place or her tags get in and drips tiny droplets on the floor, or she picks through her food and finds her favorite tasty morsel and discards the rest until she chooses to eat them, Well no more of that nonsense, With the filter being at the bottom of the tray any mess she makes stays on top while the water drips into the holes and stays there until I lift of the bowls and discard the water in the sink.Even if one of the kids walks by and accidentally bumps into the water does not go on the floor. So not having to deal with getting my socks wet or stepping on crunchy food pleases me and saves aggravation before the day gets on its way. So if you have a cat or a dog there is a size that can accommodate your needs for your pet as you can see HERE This has outdone its self and saved my sanity and my peace of mind.
to learn more about how it works check out their website HOW IT WORKS and also check out their NEATER FEEDER FACEBOOK PAGE

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