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Tidy Cat Litter Winter Pine #Chewy.com

I’m not a huge fan of overly perfumed scented cat litters, but I do want scent over the smell of odors, I do like this scent it could be a little stronger so could the clumping, I found that it does clump to a certain degree but gets a little muddy on the bottom, my cat is large and he goes quite often and urinates in the same spot, so when he goes it is sort of in layers with the clumps but the bottom layer is semi-wet and not very well clumped, though does add a nice scent when scooping I don’t have the “smell” wafting in my face while doing the task of cleaning it out.and since his box is in the bathroom, near the bedroom I can smell the winter pine instead of the dust smell that occurs with cat litter

I would continue to buy this even though some of it does not clump that well, I could live with that, the scent is what has me sold, I prefer this over other non-scented  and scented litter, even the other members of the household agree that this is a great scented litter and we don’t have the “stinky face” when we come home after being gone all day.

We give it 4 out of 5 paws, just because of it not clumping multiple uses in the same spot.


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