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Twist-N-Go Kennel by WarePets

Tis the season for traveling, visiting friends and relatives certainly  you want to bring your furkid along to join in the festivities, but you also want them to have a place to rest and relax and not get stepped on or pushed out of the way. The wonderful people at Ware Pets have this roomy Twist -N- Go Kennel that is easy to set up and take down, very soft and well vented and it has velcro on the bottom so that is can adhere to carpet and not slide around, Ariel thought she had her own mini tent, and since setting it up, she has a place to go when she is wanting to have her alone time. She usually will lay under the bed when she does not want to be bothered or crawls under her blanket in her bed, but with this, we just laid one of her dad’s T-shirts and blanket inside and she thought she was at the Hilton. or a luxury suite. If we do decide to do any traveling this holiday season, my mind will be at ease knowing that she can ride in comfort and have a place to chill out once we have  reached our destination  but still be able to see us and know we are close by while spending time with our family.

This kennel comes in 3 sizes and we received the large, and could not be more pleased and Ariel gives it 5 paws.

The Sassy Spaniel enjoying her new Kennel
Width:20.00 Depth:31.00

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