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Why do dogs like to fetch things?

Ariel although small in size and short in stature  she may appear to most that she can’t run very fast

but I assure you she can  run fast as lightning, especially if there is a ball to chase, she hesitates for a moment before

bringing it back, but as she drops it near my feet, I can see her anticipation waiting for me to toss it again

I wonder why dogs do this, is it in their instinct ? is it a learned response that is passed down from generations?

Does it come from them having the gene to hunt and go after things? or do they perceive it as something that is running and they must catch it?

Does it make them feel good and are happy to hear  “Good Boy/Girl”?  I love to play endless games of fetch with Ariel

as long as she is wanting to play  and  until she is tired

The Huffington Post has an article you may find interesting on this subject

Someone found it so fun that a Chuckit! Tennis Ball launcher  

was put into stores, I may just have to buy that for Ariel

Why do you think Dog like to fetch and play ball?


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